Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kohl's Electronic Signs

 Cares and Goes Green

Kohl’s started rolling out electronic signs displaying prices and special deals in 2010. By now all stores should have these green signs.  These signs are more environmentally friendly than paper signs and tags.
Although it is a significant capital investment, they believe they would see a good return on that investment through elimination of ad set payroll hours, as well as paper signs, which support their desire to be a leader in green initiatives.  This initiative is supported by Kevin Mansell, Chairman, CEO, President and Member of Executive Committee,  of  Kohl's.
The price tags, provided by Altierre Corp, use a proprietary wireless network which is linked to the retailer’s POS system.  The wireless network uses 2 access points to connect to over 100,000 digital price tags that can hold battery power for 5 years.

What Does it All Mean?
For the Retailer – Altierre Corp’s supply of digital signs will allow retailers to run promotions on a much more frequent basis.  For example, Tuesday morning between 9 am and noon there could be a promotion on men’s apparel and in the afternoon the retailer could run a promotion on women’s apparel.
The more exact promotional windows will mean that Kohl’s will be able to create a more consistent traffic flow through its stores.
The price tags will also help the retailer save through (1) reduced labor costs associated with the tedious task of changing price tags throughout the store, and (2) a reduction in the amount of paper waste.
For consumers – the concept of digital price tags means there will be more opportunity to buy during promotional periods.  With increased adoption, these digital pricing signs mean that shoppers will find lower prices during high traffic times because the retailer will be able to make up the lower margin through higher volume.


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